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👑 PKNEW™ Magnetic Hematite Shaping Necklace (Limited Time Discount 🔥 Last Day)

👑 PKNEW™ Magnetic Hematite Shaping Necklace (Limited Time Discount 🔥 Last Day)

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👑 PKNEW™ Magnetic Hematite Shaping Necklace (Limited Time Discount 🔥 Last Day)

👑 PKNEW™ Magnetic Hematite Shaping Necklace (Limited Time Discount 🔥 Last Day)

Normaler Preis €25,97
Normaler Preis €25,97 Verkaufspreis
SAVE Ausverkauft

LIGHTNING OFFER: As soon as we have sold 500 units, we will increase the price back to £49.99!✅Quality assurance without risk 90-day money-back guarantee.

Take a look at our PKNEW™ magnetic haematite shaped necklace in action.

"I've always had problems with my weight and water retention, especially around my waist. My weight also causes back pain, which sometimes kills me. My doctor told me it would be serious if I kept gaining weight. Maybe it was a health problem. When I saw this necklace, I decided to give it a try. After wearing it for a week, I realised that my waist had become a little thinner. I kept wearing it and saw more effects. Then the fat belly was gone and I noticed that I was slowly losing weight! Within 8 weeks of using this product I had lost 29kg! The back pain and other swelling disappeared and never came back! It's amazing, the great thing is that a necklace like this can solve a problem that has been bothering you for a long time!

Hailey Johnson, 29, Tucson, Arizona

"I love wearing necklaces, but this one is special because it is not only stylish, but also very practical. After 8 weeks of using the PKNEW™ Magnetic Haematite Sculpting Necklace, the puffiness on my face has disappeared and my neck and chin have become slimmer. My body detoxified naturally and I lost 16kg after wearing this necklace. I will continue to use this product as it has really helped me to lose weight. Thank PKNEW™ very much.

Andres Neal, 32, Denver, Ohio

What is the lymphatic system and how does lymph build up (lymphoedema)?

The lymphatic system is part of our immune system. This extensive system travels through the body to remove waste products from every cell and thus regulate the immune system. It comprises a complex network of vessels, ducts, lymph nodes, the spleen, the thymus gland, the adenoids and the tonsils.

Lymph vessels serve as a huge drainage system that allows the body to function properly and stay healthy, and lymphatic congestion can lead to a build-up of waste and toxins in the body, weaken the immune system and cause a variety of health problems.

Lymphoedema occurs when the lymphatic system is damaged or blocked. Fluid collects in the soft tissues of the body and causes swelling. It usually affects the arms or legs, but other parts of the body can also be affected. There are various ways to treat lymphoedema, e.g. by surgical removal or radiotherapy, but most of them are risky and harmful to health.

Scientists discover a magnetic method for lymphatic drainage

The study showed that the application of pulsed magnetic field therapy had a positive effect on all components of the microcirculatory system of patients with lymphoedema of the lower extremities.

The National Institutes of Health reported that in addition to surgical interventions and diet plans, magnetic therapy has been shown to be effective in the long term for most patients with clinically severe obesity. After reviewing the literature on magnetic weight loss therapy, we find that this approach works for 16 out of 20 (approximately 80%) morbidly obese individuals.

Magnetic therapy is said to have healing properties due to its high iron content, which promotes blood and lymphatic circulation in the body. Now, we know that with poor circulation, the cells in your body are prevented from getting the nutrients and oxygen they need to thrive, resulting in a slow metabolism and a build-up of toxins.

To increase its effectiveness even more, "haematite" was later discovered through research

Haematite was discovered in the 1980s by Dr Michael Roy Davis, who studied the different effects of positive and negative charges on human biology. Davis claims that haematite energy can kill malignant cells, relieve arthritis pain and improve circulation.    


A total of 48 patients with stage II and III lymphoedema were treated. After treatment, the circumference of the limbs was significantly reduced and the quality of life improved. Laboratory tests show that the treatment reduces fluid, fat, hyaluronic acid and protein deposits and improves swelling. The researchers believe that haematite could be considered both as an alternative monotherapy and as a useful adjunct to conservative or surgical lymphoedema surgery.


Blizzard Stone is directly connected to the bloodline. It helps our subconscious mind to recognise that a certain part of our body is not receiving enough blood and to change the blood circulation accordingly. Especially for women, this property has a positive effect on the hormonal system, has a positive effect on the metabolism, the digestive system and increases female energy.

Researchers from the National Certification Council for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork investigated the effects of Blizzard Stone on the lymphatic system. They reviewed 15 studies on the effects of crystal therapy on the lymph and concluded that there is strong evidence for the effectiveness of Blizzard Stone in treating lymphatic problems.

Why is a magnetic haematite necklace from PKNEW™ a good choice?

  • Stronger crystal energy than other minerals

  • Effective detoxification of the body
    Reduce 85% of excess lymphatic fluid in 3 months

  • Decongestion of the blood circulation and lymph nodes

  • Specially enriched with high quality and raw haematite and obsidian
    Acceleration of the metabolism
    Natural solution for lymphatic drainage and weight loss

  • Offers a glamorous design that is guaranteed to fit perfectly

Take a look at Bobby Hampton's 8-week weight loss journey

"I've never been a fan of exercise and sitting in front of the computer for hours every day didn't help, so my body was in a lot of pain and I was overweight. I discovered these necklaces while browsing an online shop.wear them. I have already lost 2kg in the first week with this necklace!"

"Within 4 weeks I definitely noticed an incredible change! My body pain slowly disappeared. I felt healthier and lost about 11kg! It's crazy what a difference it makes. People are surprised!"

"After wearing it for 8 weeks, I am thrilled with the results! I have lost a total of 30kg with this necklace. My body feels healthy, nourished, free from bloating and toxins! I'm really glad I got the  PKNEW™ red iron ore magnetic necklace, it has literally changed my body and my life!"

Bobby Hampton
Coventry, United Kingdom

"I feel like I'm finally happy and confident with myself and my body! Before I got the PKNEW™ magnetic haematite shaping necklace, I had a slow metabolism and knew that surgery wouldn't be the best option for me, so I tried these necklaces. My stomach was gone after 8 weeks! If you have problems with water retention, bloating or weight loss, try these necklaces!"
Arturo Smith
Adelaide, Australia

FDA、CE-approved, no side effects


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